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Immaculate Dior jacket by By Hedi Slimane  | Tag someone that can pull this piece off.
Keep it Simple & Significant. #ChiefMozie #TuesdayTip
☁️My Guardian Angels☁️
Yet, people seem to forget…
Fall Fit 🍂 | Tap For Details 🍂
Monday Morning Music | #XTheAlbum | #ChrisBrown #StyledByUgo 👊
Much love to my boys Sasko, @marjanpejoski, & @ktz_official for continuing to push the envelope as they shift the culture of fashion. The idea of Shooting the #ktzSS15accsesories in East Africa is just brilliant. Cheers. 🌍
The crew last night at the Haunted Park. Great times w Great people… #Priceless 🎃 (at Hollywood Sports Paintball and Airsoft Park)
Fashion is a way of life…. #lifestyle #moziemantra
Discover your purpose, Sharpen your vision, Trust your brand, and you will be unstoppable.  #moziemantra 👊