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Tracking the life of fashion Artist, Ugo Mozie' through pictures, quotes, videos, and inspiration.

Posted Up w the G’s.  (at Hotel Deville)
And this wraps a very successful day. #PFW #CrewShot ✔️🔥 (at peninsula)
A moment with Z. #inspiredbyCarine  (at Hotel  Peninsula Paris)
Celebrating life with the bro @hardyindiigo. #inspiredbyCarine  (at Penninsula Hotel, Paris)
@justinbieber attends CR party in @balmainparis | Style Direction: #ugomozie. #inspiredbycarine  (at The Peninsula Paris)
Tonight’s look for CR Party | Jacket: @balmainparis. Pants/Boots: #SaintLaurent. 🇫🇷🔥 (at Penninsula Hotel, Paris)
Moments like these only mean Great things are coming. #KarlLagerfeld X #JustinBieber ✊
So good to see @ashleypweston tonight🌹
Such good vibes right now at the CR party. #PFW  (at Penninsula Hotel, Paris)
Making Moves 🇫🇷 (at L’Avenue)